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Jaka jest Polska?”, brzmi tytuł akcji prowadzonej przez Fundację im. Stefana Batorego i Kulturę Niepodległą na stulecie niepodległości. Być może ściślej byłoby ją nazwać „Jacy są Polacy?”, ponieważ zarówno w sondażu reprezentatywnym, jak i w otwartym quizie internetowym, Polacy byli przede wszystkim pytani o siebie, a w mniejszym stopniu o to, jak sobie wyobrażają Polskę jako państwo lub grupę współobywateli.

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Tourism, sustainable cities and circular economy: 3 sectors full of perspectives for Japan’s trade of international services

In its contemporary history, which can be considered having started in 1945, Japan has achieved the remarkable performance of having most of the time recorded trade surpluses. This result is all the more impressive that it has been mainly driven by exports of goods, almost constantly on the rise since the Japanese economic take-off in the 1950-1960s, despite limited local availability of raw materials and, after 1980, a stagnant population.

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An energy tax revision to reduce debt, boost investment and employment and facilitate the adoption of other structural reforms

In a context of lack of confidence, depressed investment and aggregate demand as well as deflation risks, all of these phenomena occurring despite a conjunction of favourable factors (cheap oil, weaker euro and very accommodative monetary policy), we propose to take up the proposal of the European Commission to revise the Energy Taxation Directive, introduced in 2011 and withdrawn last year due to the opposition of the Parliament and the Council.

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